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"Long legendary journeys began with small strides."

ASM has been in the business of community events for more than 10 years, primarily showcasing the goodness of Africa. From our fist event in the Brent local area to the East and south boroughs of London we've trail blazed and innovated our mission to invite all races a taste of Africa. We have had a great response and enviable support along the way and this has enabled us plan ahead for a more ambitious collective.

The future's bright

ASM has grown into a community of level headed thinkers, individuals who are skilled in what they do and have availed themselves to the growth and prosperity of the organisation.


Events upgrade : In line with the growing interest and community engagement on a local level, we are sure it's time to take the event regional with a more ambitious production aimed at greater direct consumer trade, cultural  promotion, a wider showcase of African tourism and commerce - The events  aims to be a fun day out for the family to grab a bargain and enjoy different forms of African entertainment wrapped up in a 2 or 3 day affair possibly as an indoor event at one of the main exhibitor venues.

the glossy
We are also looking at launching a magazine that reflects the same aims as the showcase events or shows, this would be a free publication rich with creative visuals and product sale sections or service promotion.


Investment groups
We will be offering a trade support service for those who wish to start an investment in African countries. ASM aims to grow independent consultants or reps who can represent the interests of UK based individuals with a taste for African investment ventures of any size or category. This would be areas such as agriculture, property, import/export, 


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