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A special thanks to our past and present sponsors

Sponsor our activities

We are big on the value of target sponsorship. Our activities and regional events create the perfect vehicle to connect with the local or wider community of African origin residing in various parts of the UK. ASM activities and social ventures serve to also appeal to the non - Africans, creating platforms for Africa centred enterprise to promote themselves and trade directly with the local community.


Tourism, agro - based production, education, imports/exports, textile and property are areas we are keeping an eye on. ASM is currently in a state of transition. We are launching new activities and extending our participant reach significantly. as a result, there are multiple areas where your sponsorship makes a perfect fit to the wide list of activities.  Let's chat!


We launched a pilot publication for ASM a year back to test the waters. With the magazine published and distributed on a low print run we had such great feedback and realised the publication could be a major part of what we do. it helped highlight or showcase the attributes of African trade, culture, tourism and venture opportunities.  The magazine could potentially become the main vehicle to spread the word and invite the country have a  taste of Africa. 


we realised we were spoilt for choice regarding content and coverage within the magazine. we recruited the services of Reach centrica to put together our proposed magazine and they delivered a brilliant publication which was useful, informative and quite entertaining.


sponsor the quarterly issue 

We aim to restart the magazine soon and we need your involvement to help finance the production, print and distribution, we are aiming to print at least 20,000 copies to distribute across the south east of the country to start. there are different types of sponsorships available along with the primary sponsor opportunity.

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